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downloading my dragon age mod suite

gearing up for the big time (muscle flex)

deciding which character to play first is the most important choice

this is the first time ive ever gotten an ingrown toenail and its just the pits. awful on all levels. would not recommend.


you ever get in those moods where a family member just opens their mouth and youre like


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ghostymoth said: bioshock


bioshock 1

"the real monster is ayn rand"

bioshock 2

"the real monster is…monsters, i think"

bioshock infinite

"the real monster is racism but also please don’t be too mad at racists and oppressors in general that is also the real monster. but what we really mean is that also the real monster is quantum physics, and lighthouses"


Parrot flies in and races alongside guy on scooter.

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golbees said: b-b-breaking bad?


breaking bad writers room

"okay. no matter what we do, people seem to see walt as a good guy. what can we do to fix this"

"how about… walt threatens to eat a baby"


"and he does it…"

"at a chuck e. cheese"

"during a child’s birthday"

months later, on a breaking bad fan forum

centaurfan5501 said: “can’t believe skyler wouldn’t let walt eat that baby during a birthday at the chuck e. cheese”

mustardhomecrafter said: “yeah what the fuck is her problem”


Why I follow the Rock on Facebook part II.

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#look at all those chickenths

i still have the literal first save of mass effect i ever played (and i cocked it up royally) and you can really tell ive gotten better at faces since then because jeez